Looking for resources on how to start, grow and expand a company? Or perhaps you are looking for how you as a Business Owner can run your business more efficiently and effectively lead yourself to successfully achieve all of your goals and targets? Our guest Speakers for our Business Webinars will help you take your ideas and turn them into a reality! Start watching now to Unlock Success in Business. 


Fran Hauser

Join Fran Hauser for “Owning Your Career”. Drawing from her acclaimed bestsellers, The Myth of the Nice Girl and Embrace the Work, Love Your Career, Fran weaves together a compelling guide for women in the workplace. Her mix of relatable stories, practical advice, and useful tools empowers women to build fulfilling careers and reach their highest potential.

Sonya Ni’cole Millen

Join Sonya Ni’cole Millen, Tik Tok Shop Host & Coach, for ‘Brand Brilliance on TikTok: Insider Tips for Shop Owners,’ we’ll delve into the secrets of successful brand building specifically tailored for TikTok shop owners. We uncover insider strategies, actionable tips, and proven techniques to elevate your brand presence on TikTok. Whether you’re new to the platform or looking to refine your approach, this webinar promises invaluable insights to help you shine brightly in the competitive world of TikTok E-commerce. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your brand on TikTok with Coach Sonya.

Georgina Reilly

Join Georgina Reilly for Everything is Art. Everything you do can be art, how to elevate your brand to an artistic level and really communicate to others.

Joanne Dang

Join Joanne Dang, Wellness, Fitness, and Lifestyle Influencer for “Balancing Your Lifestyle and the Pressure of Being Multi-Talented.” Go over lifestyle wellbeing and investing in yourself. Joanne will speak about how she balances four pressure P’s in her life. Pilates, piano, and prospective physician assistant, and photography. As a pilates instructor and piano teacher, she invests in her skills, and as an incoming PA student and content creator, she invests in her education in both medical and marketing. 

Amber Guymon

Join Amber Guymon for “Knowledge +Growth = Power”.

Simone Joseph

Join Simone Joseph for “Balancing Entrepreneurship & Corporate Life”.

Anna Trumbo

Join Anna Trumbo for “Elevating Your E-commerce: Strategies for Partnering w/ Major Retailers & Broadening Sales Channels”.

Carol Carson

Join Carol Carson for “How to Create Your Own Beauty Brand”.

Gwendolyn Dolske

Join Gwendolyn Dolske for “How To Create A Podcast.” Gwendolyn is the Ph.D. producer of Good Is In The Details. “This webinar will give you tips on how to get started creating a podcast. I’ll discuss content creation, reaching out to guests, and audience growth. Podcasting is a fantastic way to grow your brand and I’ll explain how to map out episodes for a successful flow and listening experience. I’ll include information on technical nuances such as the best equipment and where to upload your podcast for distribution.”

Marisa Donnelly

Join Marisa Donnelly for All About Copy Writing. Marisa Donnelly, MEd., is a writer, editor, teacher/coach, and content strategist based in San Diego, California. She is the CEO of Be A Light Collective, a creative and digital services company, and the host of the VulnerABILITY Podcast. Marisa is the author of Somewhere On A Highway (a collection of poems) and has published thousands of articles accumulating over 21.2+ million page views with bylines in Huffington Post, The Spruce, Bustle, BossBabe, Thought Catalog, and more. As a multi-passionate person, her ultimate goal is to help her clients ‘honor their hustle’ without burning out

Tais Bangala 

Join Tais Bangala for Entrepreneurship in Financial Services: Empowering Yourself by Empowering Others.

Fran Hauser

Join Fran Hauser for How to Transform Your Idea Into a Bestseller.

Daniel Lir & Bayou Bennett

Join Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett for Build Your Brand, Your Following, Your Empire With Just A Mobile Phone. 

Kaitlyn Crocker

Join Kaitlyn Crocker of Riipen for How to Create and Manage a Successful Affiliate Program.


Christa Brown

Join Christa Brown for a Sales Seminar sponsored by Grant Cardone Canada.

Laurel Mintz

Join Laurel Mintz for Decoding Marketing, with Best Kept Marketing Secrets to Success in 2021.

Kaitlyn Crocker

Join Kaitlyn Crocker for How to Find the Right Fit RE: Manufacturing / Packaging / Shipping.

Gina Sahota

Join Gina Sahota for How To Get Started In Real Estate Investing.

Sarah Olea

Join Sarah Olea, CEO of Social Light, for Social Media Tips to Help You Grow Your Account.

Kaitlyn Crocker

Join Kaitlyn Crocker for Internships with Riipen – How To.

Abby Zufelt

Join Abby Zufelt for How to Start a Podcast.

Stephanie Cartin

Join Stephanie Cartin for How to Take Your On-the-Side Passion Job & Convert It to a Profitable Business.

Meagan Elieff + Meghan Fialkoff

Join Co-Founders of Modern Day Wife Meagan Elieff + Meghan Fialkoff for a MDW Business Consult Webinar.

Christa Brown

Join Christa Brown for the second installment of A Sales Seminar, Sponsored by Grant Cardone Canada.

Allison Kane

Join Allison Kane, Director at One Hope Wine, for Sustainable Entrepreneurship; How Making an Impact Can Create Income & Opportunity.

Tanerra Willis

Join Tanerra Willis for Self Publishing First Steps.

Meagan Elieff

Join Meagan Elieff for Sales Strategy Tips for Marketing and Selling in Q4.

Alison Walsh

Join Alison Walsh for Building a Brand.

Jessica Hawley

Join Jessica Hawley for Starting a Business; Growing a Side Hustle into a Company. Jessica Hawley is the President of the Santa Barbara Paralegal Association, Executive Vice President-Elect of the Junior League of Santa Barbara, and Owner & Paralegal at Peachtree Legal Support.

Our business workbooks will provide you with resources that you can use in order to grow and expand in all things related to business. Download our business workbooks below. 


Being a Mordern Day Career Woman Ft. Meg Epstein


The Power of Real Time Off Ft. Amanda Mintz

Updated: 05/01/2023

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