A topic that has gone viral in the last few years is wellness! There are so many things that we can do as women to help with stress, diet, hormones, sex-drive, fertility and more… the list goes on. We want you to have the best data so you can be thriving physically and to wake-up every day with your batteries charged. Our guest Speakers for our Health & Wellness will educate on how to decipher the best data for you in this area and provide you with real tools that you can implement right away. 
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Ali Fiorella

Join Ali Fiorella, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, for Trust Your Gut. During this interactive workshop, we’ll explore the basics of gut health, its connection to overall well-being, and the direct relationship between your gut and mental health. Discover practical nutrition and lifestyle tips for improving digestion, vitality, and mental clarity. You’ll be guided through gentle breathwork, meditation, and journaling exercises to help you tap into your gut instincts and make better-informed decisions for your health.

Dr. Janet

Join Dr. Janet for Conquering the Drip: Own Your Bladder. Get ready to kick urinary leakage to the curb with our webinar, “Conquering the Drip: Own Your Bladder.” Let’s face it, urinary leakage can be a downright nuisance, causing embarrassment and frustration. But fear not! Dr. Janet is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor who will spill the beans on this pesky problem. In this no-holds-barred webinar, we’re leaving no stone unturned. We’ll expose the various types and sneaky causes of urinary incontinence, leaving you armed with the knowledge to tackle them head-on. Say goodbye to those leaky mishaps and hello to a bladder that behaves. It’s time to conquer the drip and own your bladder like a boss!

Hannah Romanowsky

Join Hannah Romanowsky for The Joy of Health Cooking. Discover the joy of healthy cooking with culinary coach and kitchen muse, Hannah Romanowsky! Say goodbye to the notion of cooking being a chore and a bore as she unveils a world of time-saving techniques, delicious recipes, and invaluable tips to ignite your inspiration and empower you in the kitchen. Prepare to infuse your family’s plate with vibrant colors and indulgent flavors that will nourish your body with energizing nutrients, enabling you to look, feel, and live your absolute best.


Ariel Hoffman

Join Ariel Hoffman for Eat. Move. Thrive.


Audrey Mak

Join Audrey Mak for Tips on How to Create a Healthy Routine For Yourself.


Kanessa Tixe

Join Kanessa Tixe of TS Collective for Embracing Diversity in Your Business.


MDW Birthday Event 2021

Join us at the MDW Birthday Event 2021 with Skinfolio, Vancouver + dr pilates in Los Angeles.


Diane Rolston

Join Diane Rolston for How to Raise Your Confidence + Be A Dynamic Leader.


Jackie Lede

Join Jackie Lede for A Multi-Dimensional Approach to your Health.

Pearl Cicci

Join Pearl Cicci for Health & Fitness for the Modern Day Woman.

Toye Penny

Join Toye Penny for How to Handle Burnout.

Our health & wellness workbooks will provide you with information from wellness, fitness, cooking and more! These books will help you to set and achieve your health & wellness goals.  Download our health & wellness workbooks below. 


10-Minute Workout Ft. Sofie Calvert


5 Holiday Self Care Tips Ft. Cass Rose


Body Burn Workout For The Holidays Ft. Audrey Mak


Wife Life Mode In The Kitchen Ft. Laurel Lintz


Transform Your Health Ft. Jackie McGregor

Updated: 05/01/2022

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