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Looking for resources on how to start, grow and expand a company? Or perhaps you are looking for how you as a Business Owner can run your business more efficiently and effectively lead yourself to successfully achieve all of your goals and targets? Our guest Speakers for our Business Webinars will help you take your ideas and turn them into a reality! Start watching now to Unlock Success in Business. 

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We all love a good beauty hack! How about looking and feeling our best at any age. In today’s society there are so many ways to maintain one’s youth and we want to bring you the best of the best in the industries to share their personal hacks and must have product recommendations for getting the ultimate glow.
Our guest Speakers for our Beauty will educate you on everything you need to know in order to maintain your energy and youthfulness and keep you thriving at any age! Start watching now to Unlock Success in Beauty.

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Style is an important element in shaping who we are as individuals! It is such a fun way to showcase one’s personality and share with the world who you are.
There are always new trends to follow and so many ways to mix and match patterns, colours and fabrics it can also seem overwhelming! Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered as our Fashion Webinars will help you learn how to style yourself head to toe. Our guest Speakers for our Fashion will educate on how to own any look.
Start watching now to Unlock Success in Fashion.

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Health And Wellness

A topic that has gone viral in the last few years is wellness! There are so many things that we can do as women to help with stress, diet, hormones, sex-drive, fertility and more… the list goes on. We want you to have the best data so you can be thriving physically and to wake-up every day with your batteries charged. Our guest Speakers for our Health & Wellness will educate on how to decipher the best data for you in this area and provide you with real tools that you can implement right away.
Start watching now to Unlock Success in Health & Wellness.

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Home And Organization

Are your computer files a hot mess? Do you spend wasted minutes searching for the one file but just cannot seem to remember where you saved it? Do you look at your closet and wonder why you have so much stuff? Or better yet, you open your kitchen cupboards and can’t seem to find anything?
Getting organized comes in many shapes and forms and our Guest Speakers for our Organization Webinars will help you look at different areas of your life that could use a declutter and some restructuring. Start watching now to Unlock Success in Finances.

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Being a mom is the most important job on this planet but there really is no “manual” on how to knock this one out of the park. It can be confusing to navigate all stages of Motherhood from figuring out how to “be” a Mom, managing the schedule of your newborn baby all,  figuring out how to entertain a child of any age, taking care of the household and all while maintaining your own personal goals and creating a great relationship with your spouse.
Our guest Speakers for Motherhood will help you navigate through difficult times and inspire you on tips and tricks to rock the Mom role all while having fun with it.
Start watching now to Unlock Success in Motherhood.

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Love, what is one of our favourite feelings but also can bring so many problems? Whether it is a marriage, a new relationship, friendship or business partnership relationships are the foundation to success and we all have them. Creating healthy and strong relationships can help you expand in all areas of your life. Having a strong network and relationships that you can count on is crucial to expansion in your life, career and relationships. Our guest Speakers for our Relationships will have you taking all your relationships to new heights! Start watching now to Unlock Success in Relationships

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Meagan Ayres & Meghan Fialkoff

Co-Founders of The Modern Day Wife

We are so glad that you are here to experience all of the incredible content that the Vault Membership has to offer. We have hand selected Speakers for you to learn from and to be your next Mentor! We truly believe that knowledge is power and it is fundamental to success. We are excited for you to dive right into these courses to  unlock success in your life, career, home-life and relationships!
We can’t wait to see you on the next digital webinar.
Meagan & Meghan